SuperScreen requires Python >=3.8, <3.12 and can be installed either from PyPI, the Python Package index, or from the SuperScreen GitHub repository.

We recommend creating a new conda environment for SuperScreen to avoid dependency conflicts with other packages. To create a new conda environment called superscreen, run conda create --name superscreen python="3.x", where x is one of {8, 9, 10, 11}. After the environment has been created, run conda activate superscreen to activate it.

Install via pip

From PyPI, the Python Package Index:

pip install superscreen

From the SuperScreen GitHub repository:

pip install git+

Developer Installation

To install an editable version of SuperScreen, run:

git clone
cd superscreen
pip install -e .

Verify the installation

To verify your installation by running the superscreen test suite, execute the following commands in a Python session:

>>> import superscreen.testing as st

If you prefer, you can also run the superscreen tests in a single line:

python -m superscreen.testing